Best Vacation Resorts of 2017

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The best vacation resorts in 2017
Finally got that weekend break you’ve been busting your back for, but don’t know where to go? Well, we got you covered! Here is a list of the best vacation resorts in 2017. Our first Resort is located in Jamaica, the Round Hill hotel & Villas Rated the best resorts for families and bachelors. This resort has a very beautiful view from a hilltop and a vast jungle to be explored. You will love it if you enjoy caribbean travel.
Now steering away from the outside, take a look at the spa that has a sauna, massage center, and hot rocks. Now onto the food, the part of the list I personally love, the Jamaican cuisine of the hotel is served with Pulled pork or Veggie tacos and much more. If you aren’t having too much fun exploring the jungle, there’s the gorgeous beach, where you can snorkel in a 8-acre lagoon or bath in the beaming sunlight.As they say there is no time like the present to visit the Tropical beauty of Jamaica.

Moving on to the next resort on our list, is Rome, Italy- The J.K. Place Roma is set near a river called “Tiber”. The hotel is decorated with sculptures and art, rooms with state of the art marble bathrooms, and a in room massage. Employees state that “At J.K.Place all guests are pampered at all times, and can enjoy the unique personalized services of a luxury boutique hotel, in a home like atmosphere”, and from the way the hotel is run, they stay true to their word. Outside the hotel is a Piazza Navona and the Iconic Pantheon that are both an estimated 9-10 minute walk from the hotel. When in Rome, a sense of exploration comes to you and if you do decide to come you are in for a treat!

Our third Attraction is located in Sydney, Australia. The Iluka Resorts is a resort that is very different from our previous ones. Here’s why, this resort has events planned every week or monthly for the guests,so you will be greeted when you arrive with new events going on often.This location is preferably favored for families and friends.Activities you can do, once you are here, are paddling with the kids in the in the pittwater on separate beaches, play some golf or walk around the Light house where you can get an amazing view. In Sydney, it’s the sense of adventure that is far too great to miss out on.

Runner Up List
If you have the time, it is worth it to check out St. Lucia Resorts as well. You may also want to get travel insurance if you plan on traveling a lot.

Hopefully you’ll find this information very useful in finding the right vacation spots. We hope you have a blast and enjoy your stay at either one of these resorts on our list, as they are definitely worth the stay. Make sure to leave a comment below about your opinion on these resorts!

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