If you just obtained your first family pet rabbit, one of the main question to get answers to is to really know what Healthy rabbit food rabbits eat. You will discover a wide variety of sorts of rabbit food in your pet stores that you will be probably puzzled in what to buy.They are 6 essentials what to provide your rabbit that will keep him healthy.

Hay Alfalfa hay should be accessible to your rabbit all the time until he extends to the age range of six to eight 8 monts old.Because alfalfa give a high amount of calcium mineral and sugars, you have to little by little move him to Timothy hay.Loose, long strands of hay consists of fibre and promote good digestion.

Fresh Food Your rabbit should get in regards to a glass of fresh greens everyday per 5 pounds of weight.Give him at least 3 different fresh greens like spinach, brocoli, celery leaves, fresh lawn from your garden, dandelions leaves, romaine lettuce, ect.Start him out at age 2 months little by little, adding a fresh green weekly and remove from the dietary plan whatever cause diarrhea.

Fruits and snacks Limit your rabbit to about one tablespoon of super fruit a day.An excessive amount of fruit can make him ill and promote tooth decay.Great snacks are made up in strawberry, babana, pinaple, blueberry,apple, any fruit that he enjoys. Avoid dried out fruits, raisins, cereal bars,bread, salty or sugary snack foods, oatmeal and fresh or dried out corn.

Rabbit Pellets Young rabbits up to height month old must have free usage of alfalfa pellets.From then on limit the total amount to 1/8 of the glass daily for a 2-4 pounds rabbit. Also slowly but surely swap him to timothy hay structured pellets.Avoid the temptation to provide him more. To much pellets will lead to overweight for their high calcium mineral and carbohydrate content.

Water and natural vitamins Fresh normal water must be accessible all the time for your rabbit.Offering it in a dish is better for the rabbit to drink,promoting an all natural drinking position.When you have to put him in a cage on some situations and he spills all his normal water, then give him a taking in bottle instead.Vitamin supplements and salts aren’t necessary whenever your rabbit get an equilibrium diet everyday.

Several times each day after eating you will observe your dog licking his anus area and eating a few of his droppings at the same time. That is normal for the rabbit so do not get worried about any of it.What he’s eating are called “cecotropes”. They are constructed of essential nutriments that contain not been ingested well by the top intestine.The rabbit need these nutriments in his diet.It is merely an integral part of what do dog or cat rabbits eat.